Working as a doctor in Denmark

Working a medical job abroad is a challenge that more and more graduates in medical fields decide to do. Some say that grass is greener on the other side of the fence and the saying can be applied to medical jobs as well. However, there are certain countries that are known for their well-maintained healthcare system that benefits the patients as well as the doctors. Denmark is a great example of such place, where the doctors are treated with respect and kindness they so much deserve. But how is it actually working as a doctor in Denmark? Is it tough to get a job there coming from another European country? What is the process of getting into medical jobs in Denmark?

Necessary qualifications to work as a doctor in Denmark

There are many wannabe doctors out there that expect their education, once it’s finished, to be a sufficient ground for getting an offer in the medical field. Unfortunately for them, that is not the case, especially in Denmark. Although they value qualifications obtained in other European countries, they rely more so on one’s experience and their will to learn and progress. Sometimes it may be even necessary to sign up for additional courses in Denmark to upgrade qualifications and be legally able to apply for a medical job there!

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Medical jobs available in Denmark

General Practitioner is one of the main areas for which Denmark always seeks candidates. GPs are in Denmark often referred to as gatekeepers, which means that they are the first medical specialist a person sees before they can go and see any specialist. GPs are there to state an initial diagnosis and identify if a person needs more medical attention or they are good to go with a prescription from their GP. As such, general practitioners are treated well – in fact, they often make more money per year than a specialist!

Medical jobs are not restricted to doctors and specialists though. Nurses and healthcare assistants are needed as well as any doctor. In fact, nurses are highly qualified staff there and if there is no doctor available nearby, they are the ones that have to know how to react. Nurses are often brought from other countries so that there is always enough of them – after all, they say that Poland is one of the best sources of greatly qualified, caring, well-trained nurses in Europe.

If you are looking for medical job in Denmark, check with a specialized employment agency and find out currently open job offers available for your qualifications.