The best projectors for displaying film in 3D – prices and parameters

Although there are many TV sets offering a seemingly good 3D movie experience, for the people that really enjoy the quality and size of a screen in a cinema, they’re barely acceptable at best. There’s no argument that at-home 3D technology has still a long way to go, but what if you could switch your TV set for a projector and actually enjoy the big screen at your own house? All you need is a great 3D projector and we’re here to find the best ones on the market.


With such a household name as Sony, the expectations for this particular projector are set high. With a range so wide that you can actually create a theatre room at your house, there is no wonder that this compact projector takes all the number one spots there are. Setting it about 8 ft. from the screen, you can get a full picture on a screen of about 51-82 inches, and if you double the distance, you can get as much as 102-162 inches worth of movie screen!

The colour brightness on this one is max of 1800 Lumens and the lamp life about 6,000 hours, which means you can watch all the movies ever produced in 3D and don’t even make a dent in it! The display is here, of course, full HD. Utilising the unique Sony feature, Motionflow, you can even get a smooth picture when there are blanks between frames! You can use the projector for almost anything, but if you really want your 3D to stand out, this is the one that all sellers recommend the most. And the price? About $1,800.00 doesn’t seem to be highest out there.


At a slightly lower price scale (about $1,500.00), the EPSON home cinema projector has far more brightness to offer – 3000 lumens sounds much better than SONY, providing more whites and deep black levels. Also, the range of projection is just as good here – a 110 inches image from about 10,5 ft. away.

The quality is obviously full HD, and the device is compatible with many devices – perfect for watching movies, playing games and anything you wish to project on your screen. The thing EPSON is proud the most is not however here yet – just as with SONY, Epson provides great, dynamic picture making sure that you don’t lose any quality while watching action-packed movies. Which one would you choose?