Software development – outsourcing IT in Poland

According to the AT Kearney’s 2016 Global Services Location Index, Eastern Europe provides five of the top 20 countries listed as the home to good quality software developers. And since there is a significant trend to stop hiring and start outsourcing software development, there is no wonder that Eastern European countries are an attractive destination for companies that wish to get quality without excruciating price point. Poland, which was ranked at 10th position is now top of those countries and is the only European country that appears twice in the first 30 of the Tholons Top Outsourcing Destinations for 2016. Jump to the reality that is 2018 and not much has changed in the software outsourcing sphere – Poland is still one of the best destinations to go for. What do the developers there have to offer that is so popular with the rest of the IT world?

Poland – the source of the best programmers in the world

Polish developers are usually ranking high in the international programming contests, such as Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, TopCoder (where they ranked 5th in the world), or Hackerrank, whey there stand on the podium currently holding the 3rd position. If you are a small or medium-sized company searching for a solid development team to work on your products, Poland is sure to be your best choice.


How did Poland get so good at programming? Due to their strong educational background, obviously. According to some recent studies, almost 40% of Polish people aged between 25 and 34 have a university degree, which puts Poland in the second place in that category among all the listed countries. What is more, they make around 10% ICT specialists of all university graduates in the entire European Union! They also are very familiar with English, which is one of their main foreign languages taught at school. This makes programming as well as working with foreign companies so much easier.

Best code quality for an acceptable price

Polish programmers know agile and scrum and they really care about code quality. In that sense, they are far better than India and China, which for many years were the go-to countries. Their prices per man hour may not be as low as those found in the two countries mentioned, but with the high-level skills and better product quality, it’s all acceptable. After all, it’s not about quickly you can deliver, it’s about how well you can code.