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Paragona is an organization that for 15 years successively provides work in the UK, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This organization focuses on skilled health professionals, who have a chance to start its international career. The recruitment process is very simple. First, send your CV via the Paragona platform, then wait for a contact. Next you will have an appointment through the Skype, where you will get to know more details. If only some employer will be interested in your candidacy, Paragona will help you to arrange an interview, which will be held in your future job place. You will have the opportunity to meet the employer, future workplace and colleagues.

If you will agree to work with the, the contract will be signed same day. After this step, you will start your training which will be focused on – Advanced Language Training, Professional Adaptation Training and Cultural Integration Training. Paragona will provide you support, you have nothing to fear about. Apply now!

Real address: Al. Jana Pawła II 29, Atrium Plaza, lobby C, 00-867 Warsaw, Poland


E-mail: info[at]

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Proffesional at medical work in Scandinavia

Medical jobs in Scandinavia