How to renovate your house beautifully and economically?

Renovating a house can cost a small fortune if you wish to pursue all the trends and designer ideas that swirl around the Internet and interior magazines right now. However, no one said that renovations can’t be easy, inexpensive and beautiful at the same time – those just require a little bit more attention, a lot of ideas and self-involvement in the process. How to renovate your house beautifully and economically at the same time?

Effective planning

How much you are going to spend on the renovation in general is mostly based on the plans you have for the renovated spaces. Whether you want to focus on the whole house or just some parts of it makes an important point, as it will help you to budget.

Remember, that some rooms and ideas might be more important to you than others – you may want to refresh your walls everywhere as the paint is now old and chipping, but do you actually need to change all the floors in the process? Not necessarily. Focus on the areas that really need your help and remember that sometimes the smallest of changes make the biggest difference.

Underestimate your budget

You look at your bank account and savings and know how much you can spend on your project? Good. Take some money out of it and forget it exists. Unfortunately, as much as you want your plans to work perfectly and your budget plan is perfected to the cents, the process can require more money than you expected. You never know what you’ll find when you start ripping off the old wallpaper or floors and that’s where your extra money comes into play.

Utilise your current setup

When renovating a house on a budget you don’t need to limit your options to the most basic changes – your house can look completely different once you’re done if you use your current setup to the max. Sometimes it’s better to opt for cheaper storage made out of PVC than going to your local furniture store and picking a designer kitchen.

The more space upwards you use, the more spacious the house will look without being cluttered. New windows or woodwork? Paint them instead! Sanding down old wood and painting it white or the same colour as the walls can make your house look smarter and modern without having to spend thousands on a completely new panelling and windows.