Auschwitz tours for foreigners

Auschwitz is one of the most tragic and emotional places saved in Poland as a reminder of the worst times in their history. Many people died here under the Germans and now the place serves as a memoriam to all of them. Tourists from all over the world come to visit and pay their respects. If you happen to be in Krakow, not going to Auschwitz is a big no-no. So what should you know about the tour and how to go about booking it?

Booking a tour

The high season for Auschwitz tours usually falls between April 1 and October 31. If you wish to book a tour and see the camps, you need to think way ahead of time, especially so if you want the English language version, as they tend to fill up really fast. It’s a historic site and it would be a shame to visit Poland and not get here. Remember that it’s an all-day affair to go to Auschwitz, so if you plan to just pop in and out of there, it would be a waste of your time and money as you won’t see anything worth seeing. For further information we suggest visiting site.

The fees

The entrance to the museums is free, but you will be paying for the guide if you choose the guided tour (which we highly recommend). Guided tours are offered in several languages, so before you book it, check at what hour does the tour in your preferred language starts.

There is also a movie that screens in several different languages. If you are on a guided tour, they will obviously be screening the film in the language of the tour. However, if you decide to go alone (maybe go back to appreciate the site more or if you just can’t fit the guided tour with your trip timetable), you must check the screening times in your preferred language before you go in.

person on a wheelchair on the road

There are, as you know, two camps – to move between them, there is a free shuttle bus that runs generally twice an hour. Of course you can walk from one camp to another if you wish – it’s actually quite a good walking distance if walking around camps doesn’t fill up your daily walking goal.

Do’s and do not’s

Some people are afraid of taking photos in such sites. If you are one of them, you’ll be pleased to know that Auschwitz does allow photographs to be taken unless there is a sign that says otherwise. Be wary though. After all this is a place where many people died and suffered horrendous conditions – be respectful and don’t overdo on the snapchats and Instagram stories. Keep the memories to yourself.