According to Research the popularity of the cinema is dwindling

2017 wasn’t a good year for cinema and the box office, making people fear that the industry is dying. With movies gaining less attention than ever, their worries are not a novelty, but they’re not entirely as dramatic as some outlets make it. In fact, there are many reasons to believe people are still in love with cinema and if they find something worth watching, they’re ready to break the records.

Why are cinemas dying?

It’s safe to say the competition today is better than ever. The first time that the industry was worried about the future of cinemas was when TV came into play. Having a TV screen at home and being able to watch movies from the comforts of your own couch meant that going out just to sit with a bunch of strangers in a crowded room that smells of popcorn wasn’t the best prospect. But the cinemas survived. Later came the VHS, the DVDs, the BlueRays – people still couldn’t let go of the unique cinema experience. Since it survived so much and made it out on top from seemingly hopeless situations, how could it not survive today? Well, innovations are to blame.

Modern gadgets, Internet access from anywhere in the world and the streaming services that have quickly taken over the more traditional TV are a great threat to the classic idea of going to the cinema. Why would you want to go to the movies when you can get them anywhere? Watching while you commute, watching in your own bed, watching with friends and not strangers. It all sounds great, yet it’s still not the same.

Why are cinemas still popular?

You can’t get a tablet as big as your TV screen, just as you can’t get a screen as big as the one you see in the cinema. The fact is, the quality of audio and video that you see in cinema is usually better than what you can get at home and with the industry knowing their threats, it’s always improving. In fact, movie makers are still purposefully giving cinemas priority and releasing their productions to the streaming services way after they’ve earned they share in the theatres. Why? Because people, believe it or not, still enjoy going out for the movies. It’s not just about sitting in front of a giant screen – it’s the whole experience. Cinemas might struggle a bit but once they find their grove again and figure out the movies people are willing to watch, they will come back to the top.